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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

EDINA has a policy of working towards maximum accessibility for all users to all services that we provide. Where possible, features are included that are specifically intended to enhance accessibility. EDINA policy includes making accurate accessibility statements, which describe shortcomings as well as positive features.

This accessibility statement describes the agcensus service. The service is hosted by EDINA.

In the event that you discover any part of agcensus that does not match this statement, please email edina@ed.ac.uk.

Compliance with appropriate standards


The HTML generated has minor validation errors, but it is believed to perform well in a wide range of browsers.

Uses of JavaScript

The area selection tool in 'drag select' mode (Extent Selection - Stage 5) requires JavaScript; however an area can be selected without the use of JavaScript by panning and zooming into the area while in the default 'pan' mode. The window close link in the help section also requires JavaScript, however the window can be closed normally without the use of JavaScript.

Javascript is used in the validation of forms, in order to get instant feedback, however if Javascript is not enabled and an invalid form is submitted then the page is reloaded and an appropriate message is displayed.

Use of images

Where an image is used to display text, matching alt text is provided. Users of visual browsers should note that in several places, images are used instead of link text. These will not resize if you change the text display size (font size) in your browser. Some browsers may display the alt as a "tool tip" (a small box containing the text that appears when you position the cursor over an image); otherwise, if you experience difficulty reading the image, most browsers will be forced to display the alt text if you disable image loading.

Where images are used for form controls ("buttons"), alt text equivalent to the button label is included. Images used for form controls are all large enough to be easy to click on using a mouse or other pointing device. It should be noted that for map images or images displaying distribution of data, an equivalent text description cannot be provided as these are dynamically created depending on the area and item selected. They will always read 'Land Use Map. Click to Pan', 'Navigation Map. Click to Pan' or 'Visualisation of Agricultural Data' as appropriate.

Opening new browser windows

Online help opens a new browser window. No warning is provided before or after the new window is opened.


The title of each web page (from the HTML header) is specific to each page within the user interface. All pages include a title at the top describing the function of the page and/or the current stage in the download / mapping process. All pages include a links to the previous stages, home, help, faq and contact information.

Labelling and mark up of HTML forms and links

Link text or alt text for image links is used to convey the function of links. Labels are not used.

Session control

Whenever a user accesses the service a "session" is initiated. The session is used to support the functions of the user interface. Cookies (storage of data on your computer via your browser) are not used.

Sessions will time out after 30 minutes of non-activity. If you click on anything in the user interface after this time, you will see a page with message indicating that your session timed out. You must log in again following a time out.

Terms of Use